Electonomics is about giving the people the possibility to express their priorities without needing to trust politicians.

What this means is that everyone here now is invited to write their priorities on my wall.
Examples for priorities are money, intercultural understanding, peace, childcare or the improvement of the ecology.

Those who write their priorities on my wall are included in a system of change, in which we evaluate the priorities for the people and then we get back in touch with the people who write their priorities on my wall.

What is important is that all people who write their priorities on my wall are contacted after that so that they can contribute with 1-5 core-abilities that they have. This way, we want to elect priorities and we want to lead as a society and we don't want to be lead by individual people because this has proven not to be effective. It is time for a new electoral system and since we have so many capable people around the world, as well as possibilities to improve the world together we have to act together now.

If a person who handed in their ability doesn't like the work they are asked to do to improve the situation in United States right now, a controller is always available to help find a solution so that that person can do something else with one of their core abilities in society so that they stay happy and so that we can keep on working together to make people happy again, to build a new system and to improve the status quo.

©2020 by Andrew Frania and N. Schwarz